About James Fox


I’m an Air Force veteran and software developer. I’m passionate about personal development and sharing that knowledge with those who want to learn. I mentor students to land their dream job, and excel once they’ve got it.

I specialize in the IT field, however, I teach individuals from all industries the skills required to make it through their interview process, and transform their lives by landing their dream job.


I’m married to my perfect wife and have a beautiful daughter who I’m trying to make a better world for. 

I started my career off by serving as an intelligence analyst in the U.S Air Force. This was an incredible experience and allowed me to serve with and get to know countless individuals from incredibly diverse backgrounds and skill sets. This was one of the most transformational experiences of my life and I learned some of the most valuable lessons during my time in the military.

During this time I got my Bachelor’s degree in psychology out of pure interest in the topic. After separating from the military I dipped my toe in the mental health field as I contemplated a future as a psychologist, however, the timetable to get a Ph.D. in the field, just so that I could practice, turned me off, which is what eventually pushed me towards earning a second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s in Information Technology.

In the last several years I’ve continued to advance as a Software Developer (specifically using the ServiceNow platform) and legitimately enjoy the work. I have been able to mentor incoming new hires and share some of my past knowledge and experiences in a way that has allowed them to grow and advance in their new careers.

I have also taken a position as a coding boot camp instructor where I am able to further teach and mentor students as they work to start a brand new career. I love seeing individuals from every background with different experiences coming together in a joint desire to make their lives better and move into a career that they’re passionate about! 

This position as an instructor has given me the opportunity to grow my skills as a practitioner, leader, and trainer. My favorite part of teaching at the boot camp is guiding them through the interview process. Learning new technical skills is one thing, but they’re really there to change their life by stepping into a brand new career, which means applying for roles in an industry that they’re not immediately comfortable with quite yet. It’s wholly fulfilling for me to see these individuals grow from having almost no knowledge to proficient practitioners who often end up with multiple job offers. 

Getting a new job can be life-changing. And I love being able to coach individuals through the process to transform their lives by landing that dream job that is often their entry into a brand new career. 

I had always dreamed of starting my own YouTube channel and turning my knowledge and experiences into new and engaging formats. This website, and my YouTube channel, are my way of [finally] moving towards that dream of mentoring others on a larger scale and providing quality digital content for those who are looking to improve their life.​

I’m James Fox. 

If you’re interested in:

Career growth

Personal development

Finding your dream job and 

Growing the interview skills needed to land it 

This is the place to be.